Some of the Most Famous Custom Diamond Rings Jewelry In the World

Diamonds always hold a special place in a woman’s heart. Woman of all ages simply love diamonds. Proposing a woman with any beautiful custom jewelry Toronto can easily send a sensible woman into wildness. It’s not a secret that from proposal to engagement, diamond rings are always rule the world. So wearing a diamond ring for engagement or for wedding can make one woman’s dream come true.


Famous Diamond Rings

Women love to follow the latest fashion trends. They follow the fashion magazines and try to copy their famous personalities. Women not only love to follow the dressing style of their famous personalities, but also love to follow their fashion accessories. For instance, many women try to get hold of the necklaces that their favorite personality wore at a fashion event and so on.

Similarly, when it comes to rings, most women love to take a look into the fashion accessories of important celebrities. Right from the age of Queen Elizabeth II to Kate Middleton, rings remained the cynosure of eyes. Everyone wants to know the cost of the rings that their celebrity wore at their wedding or engagement.

For a common man it might be very difficult to purchase expensive custom jewelry Toronto like their stars which could cost around $1.39 million to $772,500, still there is no fault to take a look at the famous and expensive diamond rings.

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18 Carat Blue Sapphire White Diamond Ring

Did you follow the grand wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? You might have seen that she wore a beautiful ring made of 12 carat blue sapphire and 14 white diamonds in halo setting. The beauty of the ring can’t be expressed beyond words. the cost of the ring is estimated to be around $137,200.

Onassis’ Ring


Custom jewelry Toronto store mentions that it is one of the most expensive gold rings which came embedded with 2.88 carat diamond. The emerald was edges by tapered baguettes. This ring was presented by JFK to his wife. The baguette was replaced with marquise cut diamonds later on. The cost of the ring is estimated to be around $1.39 million.


Giant Emerald Cut Diamond

Another famous ring which is worthy of mention is the 29.4 carat emerald cut diamond ring. Elizabeth Taylor often referred to this ring as the ‘ice skating ring’ because of the huge size of the ring.

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Pink Rear Cut Ring

Custom jewelry Toronto store mentions that this ring which was presented by Enrique Iglesias to Anna Kournikova is very impressive. The ring looks very sophisticated and it features an 11 carat natural pink colored pear cut diamond at the centre. On the side of the ring two Trillian stones are attached. The cost of the ring is around $2.5 million.

Aristocrats to celebs claim to own the most expensive diamond rings in the world. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will get an idea about the famous rings available till date.  If you love the ring style, you can ask the custom jewelry Toronto store to customize somewhat similar diamond ring like your famous celeb. Getting a similar ring, you can easily feel contented.

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