Types of Energy Efficient Windows

Are you concerned about rising energy bills? The window of your home might be responsible for the spike in the bill. According to the studies, an average sized home can lose up to 30% of heat output through their windows. An unprotected pane of glass can lose ten times more heat than an insulated same sized wall. Thus, it is beneficial for your home and your pocket to change the normal windows into energy efficient ones. You can consult the professionals of vinyl window replacement to know about the right kind of window for your house.

Here is a list of energy efficient windows which can help you to make the right choice for your home.

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How Will You Know Whether Your window is Energy Efficient?

Similar to the dishwashers and washing machines, the windows now have ratings through which you can recognize the most energy efficient ones easily. The British Fenestration Rating Council has started the rating system. They rate the windows from A to G. The windows that have ‘A’ ratings are considered to be the most energy efficient. If you want an energy efficient window for your house, then you should choose such windows which at least have C ratings.

Double Glazing Windows

The most well-known form of energy efficient window is the double glazed window. This type of window has two different panes of glass. The sealed space that separates the glass contains air. Recently, the companies have started to fill the place with inert gases such as Krypton or Argon. As per the vinyl window replacement company, this double glazing can reduce up to 50 % of heat loss. This reduction in heat loss also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 700kg. Double glazing also reduces the amount of noise that transmitted to your home.

Low Emissivity Windows

In this type of Windows, a thin metal coating is applied to the plastic which is suspended in the between the pane of glasses of the window. These coatings help the windows to emit less heat during the winters. You cannot detect the film or the coating from the inside of your house. However, if you look from outside, the window might appear slightly mirrored. These kinds of windows are spectrally selective which means the window lets shortwave radiation of the sun in your home. This makes this kind of window even more energy efficient than the normal double glazed windows. Check in with vinyl window replacement to decide which kind of window is best for your home.

Energy Saving Window Frames

To increase the overall energy efficiency of your window, you must change the normal frames into energy efficient ones. Try the ones which have an extra layer of insulation. Generally, composite or solid wood and fiberglass frames are more energy efficient than metal frames. You should get in touch with a vinyl window replacement company to know all the pros and cons of the window frame materials.

Human beings, as an animal is entirely dependent on the environment. Thus, it is our responsibility to keep it safe. You do not need to move the mountain to make a difference. Just by changing the window you can make a big difference. Consult the experienced pros such as vinyl window replacement and make your window more energy efficient today.

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